What is the role of baby teeth gum

Gum is mainly in order to ease the baby's teeth is not suitable, generally made of safe non-toxic soft plastic, suitable for baby bite. Baby teether is also called practicing dental devices, tooth fixing device, in addition to soothe baby teething discomfort and increase the sense of security, you can also exercise the baby chewing, biting action, contribute to the healthy development of teeth.
To the baby with a tooth glue to a lot of disinfection and cleaning, to maintain clean sanitation. Colleagues also need to check the gum from time to time, such as rupture and other conditions should be replaced immediately.
Gum is used to meet the needs of baby teeth itch. By sucking and teether, prompting the baby mouth and hand coordination, not only promote the baby teeth grow, but also to promote the intellectual development of children are frustrated; unhappy, lonely or tired sleep alone, also can gain satisfaction and psychological sense of security by teether.
The tooth gum can also slow the gums when teething discomfort, but also does not harm the baby's gums. Recommended that the mother to the baby to buy brand quality and reputation are relatively good dental glue, so that use can rest assured.