What are the matters needing attention in baby teeth

What are the matters needing attention to the baby teeth? Let the small make up to tell you.
1, the material must be in line with the national safety standards, soft hardness suitable for baby bite.
2, a small pendant on the glue must be firmly fixed, prevent the baby swallowing or stuck in the throat caused by suffocation.
3, we design to facilitate the baby grasps, can give the baby a visual, auditory and tactile stimuli, and caused the attention and interest of the baby.
4, some good dental adhesive to differentiate finger function, can be used to train the finger pressing, kneading and pushing and pulling.
5, gum has the above function. Dental glue must be to ensure that clean sanitation, can be used to clean the bottle with a special cleaning fluid, after drying into a clean sealed bag can be.