How to choose a tooth when the baby long tooth

Baby teeth! Mothers are very happy. But then the baby will always flow saliva, crying, not to eat. And let mothers worry. How to do? Here and you share my mother to choose the experience of baby teeth.
Baby teether and pacifiers are not the same. The use of baby teeth is different according to each of the teeth.
The first stage of tooth period, 6-12 months: baby teether to form for baby's hands and mouth. Helps to ease the pain that has just begun to sprout. Disinfection after each use. Therefore, the material and the design of the baby teeth should be easy to disinfect. The ring of baby teeth is more suitable for the newborn baby to grasp. Rubber is softer than silicone.
The second stage canine period, 12-24 months: baby teether during this period can be used on both sides and soft Morsal teeth gum. Shapes can be enriched. Children can play as toys. Baby gum can be refrigerated. The cold feeling can relieve swelling when babies grow.
The third phase molar period, 24-30 months: the best choice of baby tooth glue shape to fit for the period of the baby's palm size. This period can be chosen to design a fun full of baby teeth gum helps children to disperse attention, reduce pain. Baby gum can be placed in the refrigerator to keep cool.
If your baby is a baby. Please mom don't stop them. Long tooth really hurts. If your baby gets more sticky. Mom please care, hugged the baby. We are going to stay with them.