Baby teeth plastic toys will be better when used

Gum is mainly in order to ease the baby's teeth is not suitable, generally made of safe non-toxic soft plastic, suitable for baby bite. Baby teether is also called practicing dental devices, tooth fixing device, in addition to soothe baby teething discomfort and increase the sense of security, you can also exercise the baby chewing, biting action, contribute to the healthy development of teeth.
To the baby with a tooth glue to a lot of disinfection and cleaning, to maintain clean sanitation. Colleagues also need to check the gum from time to time, such as rupture and other conditions should be replaced immediately.
Baby gum when using it?
General baby 4 months began to grow teeth, the basic function of the baby teeth gum is to ease the baby's long tooth is not appropriate, the baby to the eruption of the teeth can be used. My mother also should choose different dental adhesive according to the baby teething status and age.
Dental gum was used for three months, from six months to eight months. Because of the different stages of the baby's demand for different teeth. Sometimes long teeth itch, sometimes teeth uncomfortable, sometimes long front teeth, sometimes long fangs, sometimes teeth.