What are the commonly used dental gum

According to the needs of the growth of teeth in different periods of time, the designers design a different function of the tooth glue. Usually used in deciduous teeth yet adorable when made of soft plastic material, non-toxic, have a variety of designs, some prominent grooves, some has the role of massage gums, and some will be a flavor of milk or fruit flavor, the baby will be like.
Anti drop gum
Features: dental adhesive above plus a clamp with a button and the ribbon, the main role is to prevent the baby teether, tooth glue will fall to the ground and bacteria.
The tooth rubber nipple
Features: soft surface can massage teeth next to the tooth shape of meat, with similar pacifier, light weight, easy grip. Age: the baby just starting molar.
Features: 1 unique ice plastic material, frozen, inside the ice will not be solidified, is still soft.
2 usually can be used as a fixed gear, massage baby gum, help tooth development.
3 in the baby gum pain, play a effect.
For age: just beginning to grow teeth baby.
Sound teeth gum
Features: can rattle teeth gum, can attract the attention of the baby, while glial surface soft, gentle massage gums, teeth to reduce discomfort and itching.