When you buy gum, the attention to what

When you buy gum, pay attention to the following points:
1 best in the well-known baby supplies store to buy. Or buy brand gum, from the quality assurance of safety.
2 best to prepare a number of dental adhesive, easy to replace. Clean and disinfect after use.
3 tooth gum is also the baby's toys, in color, shape and other aspects of the choice, to play for your baby's teeth and gum, more interesting, such as watermelon teether, baby tiger tooth gum, meet the psychological and physiological.
4 if it is silica gel or rubber (silicone rubber products will produce static electricity, it is easy to absorb dust and bacteria), need regular disinfection. Can also be used without static EVA glue.
5 depending on the environment and health, health conditions are not very good family, it is recommended that the use of anti drop gum, to prevent the baby will be lost on the ground and then pick up bite.
In view of the baby teeth because of gingival swelling and crying, you can use a clean gauze bag a small baby ice cold compress, ice cold feeling can temporarily alleviate the discomfort of the gums.
TIP: you can also use gauze dipped in cold water to wipe the baby's gum, also have a certain role in alleviating.