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About us Dongguan City Tongxing Industrial Co.,Ltd
With over a decade of manufacturing and developing experience,Tongxing Industrial Co.,Ltd. (Dongguan), a sole proprietorship,is a professional manufacturer of latex products covering latex baby teether, latex toys and latex pet toys. Governed by ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System,our BPA free products have passed tests like EN71-1,2,3,12, FDA, ASTM F963-11 etc. and are warmly welcomed in European and American markets. Contact us and be our partner and you will find our sincerity and high quality in return........
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Baby teeth plastic toys will be better when used
Gum is mainly in order to ease the baby's teeth is not suitable, generally made of safe non-toxic soft plastic, suitable for baby bite. Baby teether is also called practicing dental devices, tooth fixing device, in addition to soothe baby teething discomfort and increase the sense of security, you can also exercise the baby chewing, biting action, contribute to the healthy development of teeth....
Baby gum when use it? Let the small make up for you! General baby 4 months began to grow teeth, the basic function of the baby ……
Gum is mainly in order to ease the baby's teeth is not suitable, generally made of safe non-toxic soft……
What are the matters needing attention to the baby teeth? Let the small make up……
Baby teeth! Mothers are very happy. But then the baby will always flow saliva, crying, not to eat. And let mothers worry. How to do? Here and you share my mother to choose the experience of baby teeth.……
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